Tuesday, 4 November 2008

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Due to the popularity of our logo design blog, we have decided to bring it onto our main corporate site. In future, please access our logo design blogo from here:


Thank you for following our musings and we hope to bring you bigger and better logo design news from our new home.

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Friday, 18 January 2008

Security Industry Logo Design

Designing logos for different industries can throw up all sorts of challenges. For a start the designer needs to understand the business ethos behind the company before creating a single logo design idea.

http://www.logoquality.com/ are lucky to have had many clients in the past due to our logo design skill based on concept development. We work close with the customer to understand their specific business goals and aspirations and develop their logo design to be a reflection of their business.

Logo Quality have designed many logos for the security industry from body guards to surveillance. As specialists in this area of logo design, we understand our clients needs fast. Because we understand the customers we can work a lot faster too keeping our own costs down to a bare minimum. These cost savings are then passed on to our clients direct. They pay just a flat fee of £149 plus VAT.

Sample Security Industry Logos

Some of the traits we have found in the security industry might seem obvious like "strength", "trust", "tenacious" and "honest". Just because the words are obvious doesn't mean it is easy to design these qualities into a logo. The hardest part is adding an individual personality to each design that reflects what the company is all about.

Logo Quality are experts at designing logos for the security industry. We build in all the qualities you stand for and reflect your businesses personality too.

If you are looking for a great logo for your business then look no further than Logo Quality. Give us a call on (01753) 20 80 22 to discuss the process in detail.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Cartoon Logo Design

Designing logos in a cartoon style is a real art. The designer needs to be a master of this art because a badly designed cartoon or mascot logo design will not represent your company or product well.

The illustration skills required to produce world class cartoon logos do not come overnight. The designer takes years perfecting the skill.

Cartoon logos are a fantastic and fun way to brand your business or product. The design style lends itself well to fun products and services. The great thing about this design style is the WOW impact the viewer gets the first time they see the design.

Cartoon and mascot designs are also great for sports teams. Just look at all the US football teams logos. Most have cartoon mascots of animals and such.

Examples of Cartoon logos

Applying your logo design on marketing materials

Cartoon logos look great on marketing materials too. Look how well this design comes out on hats.

Your logo design on clothing

You are not restricted to just hats, your logo can be applied across a myriad of marketing materials. Clothes are a great way of getting your name out there though. Have a look at this polo shirt. The design really stands out and can be used as part of a corporate uniform too.

Work with experts

People do not order logo design and leave the files on their computer. We have found that most of our customers apply their new design to a broad spectrum of marketing materials like brochures, business cards, postcards, letterhead, flyers, signs, vehicles to name just a few.

Working with graphic design experts that specialise in corporate identity branding will help you apply your new logo design in the most effective way for your business.

If you are looking for a cartoon or a mascot for your business then look no further than http://www.logoquality.com/

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

St. Valentines Day Logo Design

Valentines day is February the 14th as you already know. The New Year celebrations are still a very vivid memory but as a design company our focus is now very much on the romance of St. Valentines Day.

The type of designs we are asked for this time of year varies little from year to year. Cupids, roses, hearts, champagne to name just a few.

Some clients are designing logos for their sweethearts, some are actual businesses offering Valentines Day products, others have Valentines Day special offers. The key though is to try to capture the romance of it all in a simple graphic that is memorable.


This design for HappyCupids works on a couple of levels. The happy Cherub aims his love heart arrow and is ready to strike at his first romantic victim. The posture of Cupid gives a feeling of flight as does the red wrap around the waist.

A simple graphic with few lines can portray a powerful image.

Loves Advocate

Hearts are a symbol of love and have been for thousands of years. "Do you have the key to my heart". "Can you open the door to my heart". These are sayings typical of romantic lovers around Valantines day. This logo has been designed for a business targeting the romance market. It has been designed in an illustrative style for depth and movement and a feeling of fun.

Valentine & Co

This logo was designed for a business specialising in romantic products. The seductiveness of the & and the quality of the bespoke custom designed font work very well together. The black background adds to the romantic / sexy feel of the design.

No matter what your requirements for graphic design are around St. Valentines Day, you should speak to a designer that has experience in this field. When so much emotion is needed to be displayed in a design you need to trust it to experts.

Happy Valentines Day on the 14th from all of us here at http://www.logoquality.com/

Monday, 17 December 2007

Christmas Logo Design

Xmas logo design is not just the realm of the big companies. Any company can have their existing logo updated with a Christmas theme to make it look more festive.

You might have a product that is Christmas themed that needs it's own logo. If it is a product that is sold around Christmas time then a Chistmasie theme will often go down well with your target market.

Logos designed specifically for a certain time of year are getting more and more popular because of the massive cost savings designers make taking their businesses onto the net. http://www.logoquality.com/ is no exception. We often find ourselves bombarded with requests for adding a Santa hat to a logo or adding some snow to give the logo a more festive look. The cost is only around £150 for a new logo or to update an existing logo so you won't break the bank.

Here are a few examples of some logos we have designed for recent clients with a Christmas feel to them. A couple of them are for products related to Christmas and a couple are logos that have been given an Christmas makeover.

You too could have a Christmas based logo design for just £149. Visit http://www.logoquality.com/ or call 01753 20 80 22 and see what we can do for you.

It's not too late to get started, we can have your Christmas logo ready for you in just a couple of days.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Using Flyers As A Marketing Tool

Marketing with a well designed flyer can increase your new business.

Are flyers an effective form of marketing? You bet! It does depend on how you get your flyers into the hands of your prospects though.

Flyers are a great way to market your business and the low entry costs into this form of marketing make it very popular for small to medium sized companies.

Here are some ideas for you to get your flyer into the right hands.

If you are a retail business providing products or services to consumers then you need to go where your consumers are. It costs next to nothing to go down your main High Street in town and hand out your flyers to your demographic. What do I mean by demographic? I mean the people you would expect to be your customers.

Lets say that your shop sells training shoes. Everyone can wear training shoes of course but your target customer is more likely to be teen to twenty something, males. If you gave out 500 flyers to middle aged shoppers you would still hit the bank for the teens but you are more likely to get a bigger strike rate speaking direct to your market. The design of the flyer will do the talking so make sure that it communicates with your target on their level.

Based on what I have just said, you need to know who your market is and you need to speak direct to your market through the design of the flyer. Don’t underestimate the design of the flyer. If you have the best trainers in the world at the best prices and your flyer looks cheap and nasty, you are unlikely to get your message over.

The biggest mistakes people make when using flyers as a marketing tool is to get them in the wrong hands and to have a poor or weak marketing message conveyed by a poor design.

If you are a business to business company, your task is a little harder. You need to spend a bit more time identifying who your potential customers are. Once you have identified your customers you have several options open to you delivering your flyer.

You could try the High St technique above but your failure rate will likely be very high. You need to hit the decision makers in the company and picking someone out in the High St based on what they look like is not an exact science. You are more likely to get to the people you want by posting your flyer.

Identify where your customers congregate in the world of printed directories. Yellow pages for instance or the Chamber of Commerce directory. You can then address your flyer to the business owner or the Director with a pretty good chance that your flyer will get to the address at least. The larger the business you are trying to deal with the more specific your address will need to be. If you have time to call up and get the name of the prospect then this will increase your hit rate.

2nd class stamps are not expensive. Printing a couple of thousand flyers is not expensive either. This leaves the cost of the design. For as little as £120 you can get a professionally designed, high-impact, must read flyer design. This form of direct marketing if done correctly can be very powerful. You can reach more prospects for less money than say placing an advert in a local paper or buying some keywords on a search engine.

You could also try business networking meets. Breakfast clubs are great places to meet like minded business people. Take along a stack of flyers and hand them out.

If you are looking to attract new business you should give serious consideration to marketing with flyers. Add this technique to your overall marketing plan and you will reap the rewards by catching prospects that you might not get marketing to them through other mediums.

Here are some examples of flyer designs created by http://www.logoquality.com/. Printed on a good grade paper or card, these flyers are designed to attract customers.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

High Impact Marketing On A Tight Budget - Postcards

Sending a postcard to a prospect is not a new marketing technique, it is however pretty rare. Not because it is ineffective but because people think it is too much trouble to go to getting everything organised.

A high impact postcard, designed with your marketing messages and carrying your corporate branding, is a fantastic way of keeping your face in front of your clients and prospects, without costing a great deal of money. Because it is a rare form of marketing, your audience is more likely to read it and if it looks fantastic they are more likely to keep it around, as it will look too good to throw away.

All it takes is a great design, a list of customers and prospects names and addresses, some second class stamps and a short print run. The print run will depend on the number of prospects and customers you have, as will the number of stamps.

Here are some examples of postcards designed by http://www.logoquality.com/ for just £80 (+VAT).

This service provides the customer with 3 different designs to choose from and unlimited changes to the selected design until it is finalised. £80 for design of this quality makes postcard marketing a no brainer for businesses looking to make an impact.

Postcard marketing can help to:

 Increase sales
 Generate leads
 Introduce new products and services
 Promote special events
 Improve customer relationships
 Zero in on target markets
 Distribute coupons and offers
 Drive traffic to your website
 And much more

Make sure you do not skimp on printing. If you choose a low cost, cheap printer, who prints on poor quality card your marketing may not be as effective. Spend that little bit extra and have the design printed on quality card stock. It will make the cards feel so much more luxurious in the hand and thus more difficult for your target to throw it away. Your designer can advise you on print options and costs.

If you would like to have LogoQuality design your postcard just complete the simple order process here:

Postcard design just £80 (+VAT)

If you prefer, give us a call on 01753 20 80 22. We are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 9pm.